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1980's Card Game

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36 cards

20 min

2-5 players

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An exciting 1980's Wall Street game!

Buy, trade, and cash in shares of 4 stocks: Tunes, Kicks, Tech, and Wheels. Each card has two functions. The backs represent ownership of 1 share of the corresponding stock. Players can own up to 3 share cards. The fronts change the values of 2 of the stocks by being played under one of the stock cards. The fronts also have game text you must follow when playing them.


Place the 2 stock cards in the middle. The other cards go in the deck. Randomly select a dealer. Deal and turns go clockwise to left.

Shuffle deck. Deal each player 2 cards face down (share side up) on table. After being dealt the 2nd card, each player chooses one to take into hand. Place the draw deck on table face down (share side up).

Optional rule in testing

1 additional card in hand. Deal each player a third card. After all players have chosen their first hand card, go around again and choose a second hand card. (Your first card may affect this choice.) Play the whole game with 2 cards in hand, 3 when playing. This gives more choice and changes the game dynamic. Players may take longer.


Each turn a player must do 1 of 2 actions:

A) Buy a share:
If you have fewer than 3 share cards, add the top card of the deck to your share cards. Do not look at other side.

B) Draw and play:
Draw card to hand, and play one of your 2 cards under a stock; +/- two stock values. Read and follow the card’s text.

Optional rule in testing

C) Sell a share:
Remove just one of the share cards you own and place it on the bottom of the deck. You score points for the current value of that stock. Nobody else scores point and no other cards are removed. Cannot win scoring this way. This gives a player a way out when just chasing a CASH card. This idea needs more testing.

in progress

left player has 2 shares
right player just drew a card


There are 2 ways to play the CASH/To The Max! card: to cash and score points or under a stock to +/- share values like other cards.

To The Max! is unplayable if you own the wrong shares. You must play a card every turn so you may be forced to CASH.


Choose one of the two stock cards to play it on (not under, it does not +/-). All players score points for both shares on the share card (Tunes and Kicks, or Tech and Wheels). Score points by totaling the current value of each stock and multiplying it by the number of matching shares each player owns.

Shuffle all cards involved back into the deck including: all value +/- cards beneath the stock, all of the matching share cards that players owned, and the CASH card itself.

Turns continue with the next player to left.


Play to 50 points. After scoring a CASH, if any player has 50 points or more then the player with the most points wins!


scores after 3 CASH plays

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